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Thanks to one of my best friends who created this website, you're going to get the chance to read some of the best fan fictions around! To check out other fan fictions by yourself, go to and create an account! By doing this, you have the ability to comment on stories and create your own! Another great website for just publishing stories that are your own idea is! I hope you enjoy the stories!

Konoha Under the Red Sun

In this mystery Naruto fan fiction, Sasuke and Sakura are sent all around Konoha after a murder is set. After a little searching, they end up finding out the inevitable: The murder leads back to the Uchiha Clan. Even though the truth is closer than anyone knows, it is clouded by Sasuke's own decision. The suspense builds up after each paragraph, leading you to read the next. You won't be able to stop reading once you've started, wanting to find out more and more.

From Leaves to Sand

In this fan fiction, Naruto has released his Kyuubi chakra to the full extent and has accidently hurt his mentor, Jiraiya. In only a few days, Konoha has sent a letter to the two, potaining to the incident. After deep discussion, Konoha has decided to exile Naruto forever since he is such a danger. After wishing death, two Sand ninja, Kankurou and Temari, help him get to safety in the Hidden Sand Village. What will happen to Naruto when he decides he is unwanted by everyone? 

Friends Forever

Ten years has passed since Sasuke has moved to Konoha. Sakura has moved also, and they used to be best friends when they were young. The only thing that has changed is the fact that they don't remember each other. How long will it take for Sakura or Sasuke remember the other? And what will happen if they remember each other? 

Takato's Light

It has been a year since Takato and the other Digimon tamers have lost their Digimon, and Takato's parents decide to move so they can expand their bakery. When they move, Takato finds out that he is amongst other Digimon tamers. What will happen when Tai decides that he has had enough of life, and the only person that can save him is Takato? And what will be of Takato and Jeri's relationship?

The Last Four Uchiha

            There is a border between the real world… and the world of the gods. For we aren’t in control of this world, nor can we save it from the darkness that is enveloping it. Well, you can’t. I can though. Robert, that’s my name. And I’m the son of a Greek goddess. Yeah, they’re real. So are ninja. Ninja with powers, for that matter. I am both a ninja-with power-and a Demigod. It’s pretty cool going around, slaying monsters and getting rewards.
            Well, until I find out I have to go to Japan to stop evil-red coated men. Did I mention one of them is my father? Yup. I have a father that actually wants to kill me. All pretty sweet, right? So if you want to know all of my story and how I have to kill my father with the help of my uncle, Sasuke, click... here!