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Anime Update

August 12, 2009:
Sorry anime fans, but nothing is really going on with the anime...but the team of will keep combing the internet for updates on anime! So check back soon!

Manga Updates And More

check out cool manga sites the team of animestreams has found. ENJOY THE ANIME!!!
We have found the most amazing website EVER. With just one click, you can skip between Naruto's childhood all the way to when he fought Sasuke at the Final Valley to when he had to save Gaara from the vicious circle of the Akatsuki. Just click the following link, and you can be transported into the world of manga---Naruto style.
Full Metal Alchemist--- 
Check out the brand new Naruto Shippuden special, the Kakashi Chronicles!!!!

All you peoples who love anime, I now have part two of  Kakashi Chronicles! Enjoy anime lovers!